Thursday, September 25, 2014

Needle Organizer for Leather Sewing Machine Needles

I needed to find a way to organize and keep track of my collection of leather sewing machine needles.

The problems were that the packets ended up all over the place, what to do with a needle that is still good but not new, and to identify which needle is currently in the machine.

I created this little needle wallet.  It fits the 10 pack of needles packets plus each pocket fits one additional needle.  In this way, a needle that has been used but not worn out can be easily identified and stored for future use.  I cut a plastic rod from a q-tip to insert in the pocket where the needle came from to identify which size is currently in the machine.  I suppose one could use different colored rods to identify needles being used in multiple machines.

Hope this helps.

Note the Extra Needles and the Blue Rod

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